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Learn from the experiences of patients who had
an eyelid surgery that went wrong

Don’t book your eyelid surgery procedure until you have read the following comments from women and men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds who were so unhappy with the results of their procedure that they approached Dr. Oestreicher to request a corrective eyelid surgery. Some had their original procedure done offshore because the price appeared attractive and they were promised incredible results.

Others entrusted their procedure to a surgical generalist (general plastic surgeon, head and neck cosmetic surgeon, ENT, dermatologist) who does not specialize in eyelid surgery. All did not get what they were promised – and a few misfortunate individuals had more than one eyelid surgery go wrong. Learn why they were disappointed by reading the following excerpts of their letters to Dr. Oestreicher, which are presented as they were submitted, save for minor edits done for spelling or grammar reasons.

The names of the writers and the places where they live have been omitted to protect their privacy. Dr. O welcomes all inquiries, but he wants everyone to remember two things: he can make no recommendations until he has seen you in person; there are some patient issues that he cannot correct.

“Both lower lids are sagging”

“I had a lower eyelid surgery. The result is not good. Both lower lids are sagging a lot. The bruising is gone, but my eyes are burning, red and tire easily. I would like a consult to discuss options as my surgeon is offshore and I don’t want to go back there.”

“One eye looks droopy”

“I am Asian and have had a double eyelid procedure. One lid is smaller than the other, which makes one eye look droopy. I am interested in having the one eye operated on so that it matches my other eyelid.”

“My appearance doesn’t look nice”

“Hi, I had a lot of treatments done on my lower eye lids – cauterization, laser, fat injection. My appearance does not look nice, my eyes look puffy. I would like to have a consult with Dr. Oestreicher.”

“Drooping and unattractive eyelids”

“I need corrective surgery on my eyelids as past surgeries have left undesirable results. A lower face lift was done in 2011, but my brow was not done and this may have contributed to my drooping and unattractive eyelids. I have scarring from my upper blepharoplasty and my lower eyelid lines are too thick.”

“Eyes not asymmetrical”

“I would like a consultation to discuss correction of an Asian blepharoplasty surgery done over a year ago. My eyes are not asymmetrical and one eye looks droopy.”

“Get my pre-surgical eyes back”

“I want to talk to Dr. Oestreicher about a possible eyelid revision. I had it done offshore and the result is that my lower eyelid is too horizontal and not lifted. I want to ask Dr. Oestreicher if it is possible to get my natural pre-surgical eyes back.”

“Very unhappy”

“I had a lower blepharoplasty. Very unhappy with results and am seeking an opinion on my options at this point.”

“Eyelid has never closed properly”

“I would like to know the wait time to see Dr. Oestreicher. I had an upper eyelid surgery done ten years ago. It needs to be done again. One of my eyelids has never really closed properly.”

“Now my eye is worse then when I went in.”

“I have Ptosis. I had a bad surgery and now my eye is worse than when I went in. Does correction of the surgery count as cosmetic surgery and how much would it cost?”

"My eyes now have the very natural, almond shape that I’ve always dreamed about"

I just had eye surgery done by Dr. James H. Oestreicher, with excellent results. my eyes now have the very natural, almond shape that I've always dreamed about. Thanks a million Dr. Oestreicher and your whole excellent medical team!

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