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Need help to fix or correct bad eyelid surgery?
Investigate the benefits of corrective surgery
by Dr. James Oestreicher

Most people are happy with the results of their eyelid surgeries, especially when the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon who specializes in doing surgical procedures in and around the eye.

Less satisfying results sometimes occur when a patient does not select an eye specialist and instead chooses a general Plastic Surgeon, Ophthalmologist, Dermatologist, Otolaryngologist (ENT), Facial Plastic Surgeon or General Practitioner. For example, in some cases the eyelids are so poorly positioned that the patient experiences extreme discomfort in their eyes due to exposure of the eye.

Check the internet and you will see a lot of searches for "fix bad eyelid surgery", "bad eyelid surgery", "eyelid surgery gone bad" and "bad Asian eyelid surgery". Worse still, many of these patients reach the point where they no longer have confidence in the ability of the surgeon who did their original procedure and they seek out another provider to investigate the potential benefits of corrective eye lid surgery.

Dr. James Oestreicher is regularly approached by patients searching for a corrective eyelid surgeon, mainly because he has performed over 20,000 eyelid surgeries and is an Ophthalmologist certified to perform Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. There is no replacement for that experience or the peace of mind that comes with knowing your surgery will be performed by one of the most experienced eyelid surgeons in Canada.

Wait until the healing is complete
to assess the results of your eyelid surgery

Don't consider the potential benefits of corrective eyelid surgery until you are certain that your healing process is complete. It is especially important to not over react when you see the swelling and bruising that often results immediately after an eyelid surgical treatment.

Keep in mind that recovery can take up to three months or more and the pace of recovery can vary from patient to patient, especially if the instructions on how to complete the recovery process are not followed.

You may also have to deal with negative feedback from family or friends, a common problem when the people around you don't understand what's involved in your recovery and the predicted length of the recovery process.

At all times, follow the instructions provided by your surgeon and consult with that healthcare professional immediately if you experience symptoms that are beyond what was predicted by your surgeon, such as unusual pain, bruising or changes in vision.

When reconstructive eyelid surgery is a viable option

At some point, your healing process will be complete, there will no longer be any reasonable expectation that the results of your surgery will improve, and you can decide whether there is some aspect of your procedure that is not satisfactory. Typical issues include unhappiness with:

  • the visibility of scars
  • the shape of the eyelid
  • the symmetry of the surgical work

It's best to take these concerns to your surgeon and attempt to get them addressed. If that does not work for any reason, you can investigate the potential benefits of reconstructive eyelid surgery by Dr. James Oestreicher, a recognized expert in this field.

The expertise of the surgeon is vital because reconstructive eyelid surgery typically involves highly creative and demanding surgical procedures that can only be delivered by someone who has the unique mix of expertise and experience that Dr. Oestreicher brings to his work. It's also important to keep in mind that some patients experience significant emotional turmoil when surgery has not provided the results desired, or has resulted in a worse appearance than before the surgery.

Dr. Oestreicher understands the importance of helping you "get through this" and as a result has been able to help many patients achieve a more satisfying result. "What's most important is being honest with the patient," says Dr. Oestreicher. "I only suggest corrective surgery if I believe there is a good opportunity to achieve a significantly improved result."

There is no cost or obligation to request a consultation with Dr. Oestreicher. Just contact us by phone on online to book your appointment.

"My eyes now have the very natural, almond shape that Iíve always dreamed about"

I just had eye surgery done by Dr. James H. Oestreicher, with excellent results. my eyes now have the very natural, almond shape that I've always dreamed about. Thanks a million Dr. Oestreicher and your whole excellent medical team!

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