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Why an arched brow may have nothing to do
with your brow

Did you know that your arched brow could be an unconscious attempt to compensate for vision problems caused by excess fat and skin around your eyes? It's true. Your arched brow may have absolutely nothing to do with your brow. Any Ophthalmologist will recognize this almost immediately – and recommend the solution:  an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, which involves the removal of excess skin and fat around the eye.

Regrettably, there are patients who don't get the same advice and are instead told that they need a brow lift, a highly invasive procedure in which the patient is “internally scalped” from the brow to the back of the head and bolts are drilled in the skull to stabilize the scalp. "The entire procedure is wrong headed (no pun intended), since the problem originates with the eyelid, not the brow. Worse still, a brow lift does not last and has to be repeated in a few years."

If you have an arched brow and are looking for a medical opinion, don't make a final decision until you have had a consultation with Dr. Oestreicher. There is no cost or obligation for this introductory consultation and it could make the difference between getting the right or wrong diagnosis of your arched brow.

"The most amazing results"

I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty by Dr. Oestreicher. I am so glad he was my surgeon. The most amazing results, I was over the moon.

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