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Learn why thousands of men and women have chosen Dr. James Oestreicher for cosmetic eyelid surgical procedures

Choosing Dr. James Oestreicher to perform your upper, lower or double eyelid cosmetic surgery means you prefer to have your procedure done by one of Canada’s foremost eye specialists, not a general Plastic Surgeon, General Ophthalmologist, Dermatologist, Otolaryngologist (ENT), Facial Plastic Surgeon or General Practitioner.

While these other medical service providers are permitted to do an eyelid cosmetic surgery, they do not have the same qualifications as Dr. Oestreicher, who has performed over 20,000 cosmetic eyelid surgeries, specializes in disease and conditions affecting the eyelids, lacrimal (tear) system, the orbit (bone cavity around the eye) and adjacent facial structures.

He has also written numerous articles on Blepharoplasty, including a submission to Plastic Surgery International on how to achieve best results and avoid complications.     

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Choosing Dr. Oestreicher also means that you can take comfort in knowing that he is recognized as the “physician’s physician”, operating on many doctors and their spouses and family. He is also the go-to man for corrective eyelid surgery – just one more reason why he has earned a long list of testimonials from grateful patients and endorsements from other eye care colleagues around the world.

Why cosmetic eyelid surgery?

Most people would agree that the eyes are the "windows to the soul" and are among the most attractive features of a person’s face, particularly when we are young.  But the areas around our eyes are also the first – and most noticeable – areas to show signs of aging, such as “droopy” or “baggy" eyes. It’s also possible that the puffiness around your eyes may be the result of a hereditary condition or a family trait. 

In severe situations, you may have impaired field of vision, typically caused by baggy upper eyelids or difficulty wearing glasses, caused by baggy lower eyelids. Other conditions that can impair your vision include eye injury, eyelid cancer, or eyelids that roll in entropion or out ectropion.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery, known medically as Blepharoplasty, can correct sagging eyelids, remove fatty bulges above and below the eyes, and eliminate hanging skin from the upper or lower eyelids. It can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or together with other procedures such as browlifts or laser skin resurfacing.  

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is usually an outpatient procedure performed under local anaesthesia. Some patients have an expectation that general anaesthesia is required, but there is no need for this level of sedation.   

The recovery process has been shortened by recent innovations in CO2 laser technology, which make the blepharoplasty procedure more patient friendly in three key ways:

  • less swelling
  • more rapid recovery
  • wrinkles near incisions can also be resurfaced

How much does eyelid surgery cost -- and is it covered by OHIP?

For most patients, cosmetic eyelid surgery is not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). The exceptions would be limited to patients who need the treatment to correct severe vision impairment. Your physician can recommend that the treatment be performed, but this is no guarantee that the coverage will be granted.  The application process is very strict and OHIP, not your physician, makes the final decision on whether to grant coverage.   

Upper and lower eyelid cosmetic procedures

Couple - eyelift Toronto, sagging eyelids, remove fatty bulges above and below the eyes, and eliminate hanging skin from upper or lower eyelids.
Dr. Oestreicher is a recognized expert in both
upper and lower eyelid cosmetic procedures,
also known as an eyelid blepharoplasty or eyelift.

An "eyelift" (upper eyelid blepharoplasty) reduces excess skin and fat in the upper eyelids.  The procedure involves making an incision in the fold of the upper eyelids and removing excess skin and fat.

The incision is then closed with fine sutures. Because incisions during this procedure are made in the eye's natural "lines", they are barely visible following the procedure and fade away gradually over time. Moreover, when the eyes are open, the incisions are completely hidden.

Cosmetic surgery of the lower eyelid involves the reduction of puffy or baggy eyes. During this procedure, an incision is made on the inside of the lower eyelid. The excess fat is removed and the incisions heal without sutures. Any incisions made on the inside of the eyelids are not visible. External lower lid incisions are usually not required. If incisions are required, they are barely visible and fade over time.  The skin of the lower lid can then be treated with laser resurfacing to eliminate wrinkles and tighten skin in all directions naturally.

Some patients are candidates for both lower and upper eyelid procedures and individuals of Asian heritage can have an Asian blepharoplasty, also known as "double eyelid surgery".

What are the risks in an eyelid surgery?

There is some inherent risk in every surgical procedure, including eyelid surgery.  However, when an eyelid surgery is done by a highly experienced eye specialist like Dr. Oestreicher, the risk of complications is low. 

There are more risks for individuals with certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Dr. Oestreicher will assess your medical condition prior to making any recommendations, which could include surgery or less invasive cosmetic procedures.

Since Dr. Oestreicher has performed more than 20,000 eyelid surgeries and is known as the “doctor’s doctor”, you can trust that he will achieve a satisfactory result the first time. Moreover, he is a recognized expert in corrective surgeries and as such knows why procedures go wrong, and, more important, how to avoid those problems.  

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