Diagnosis and surgical repair of an eyelid with cancer

All new or growing eyelid bumps and sores that will not heal must be evaluated to ensure they are not eyelid cancer, a malignancy that is common and increasing in frequency.

Early diagnosis and surgical removal offers the best probability of permanently eliminating the tumour.

Benign lumps and bumps can be removed for cosmetic reasons and/or to reassure a patient that a potential health hazard has been removed.

Dr. James Oestreicher, a board certified ophthalmic reconstructive surgeon has many special methods to surgically rebuild the affected eyelid in a manner that virtually eliminates or minimizes any scaring.

"It really does take years off your appearance"

I had the bags under my eyes removed. I also had CO2 laser to smooth wrinkles. It really does take years off your appearance. I was very happy with the outcome and have had lots of positive comments ever since. After surgery, you look pretty beat up but I could go back to work in 2 weeks. The laser treatment takes quite a while to settle - up to six months, but it looks really good now too. I felt Dr. Oestreicher did a great job and I would recommend him for this type of surgery.

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