EYE AND EYELID RECONSTRUCTION - Eyelids that turn outward or inward


Surgery to correct malfunctioning eyelids that turn out or in

When a lower eyelid malfunctions by turning out, the eyelid no longer touches the eye (ectropion), which is necessary to spread tear film across the eye. As a result, the exposed inner lining of the eyelid becomes dry and inflamed – one of the most common eyelid conditions as we age. Tearing often occurs and the eye may become damaged. Surgery is usually indicated to prevent the eylid from turning out and retun it to a normal position.

An eyelid can also turn inward (entropion) so that the skin of the eyelid and its lashes constantly rub against the eye. Constant eye irritation and discomfort usually result. This, in turn, can lead to the development of severe infections and scarring that may result in permanent visual loss. Surgical correction of an entropion, performed by Dr. Oestreicher, is strongly recommended.

"My eyes are now beautiful"

My eyelids, top and bottom had been operated on by someone else and the results were very bad. One eye was more open than the other and in addition the less open one drooped. Dr Oestreicher assured me that he was able to do a perfect correction. I had heard that he was the champion in Toronto and had full trust in him. My eyes are now beautiful. I highly recommend his services.

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