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See before and after pictures of patients who
have received surgical cosmetic eyelid procedures
by Dr. Oestreicher

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This is your opportunity to review one of the world’s largest galleries of before and after pictures of patients who had both cosmetic and non-cosmetic surgical eyelid procedures.

All of the procedures were performed by Dr. James Oestreicher, one of Canada’s most experienced eyelid surgeons. For your convenience, we have divided the database into recent patients and past patients. If you would like to see multiple views of a patient (not just before and after), look at the results for recent patients. Photo views for past patients are limited to a single before and after.

Every search result also includes a short commentary.

Please keep in mind the following when reviewing the results for other patients:

  • The final result is influenced by multiple variables, such as age and health, and you should therefore make no conclusions on what is possible for you until you have consulted with Dr. Oestreicher.
  • The procedures requested vary from patient to patient. For example, some patients had a procedure on both their lower and upper lids, while others only had the upper or lower. Others had multiple procedures, such as eyelid surgery and laser resurfacing.
  • Some patients had a correction of a surgery done by another provider and the degree of correction may have been limited by the problems created by the first procedure.
  • Consultations need to be performed in Dr. Oestreicher’s office. He cannot provide an opinion over the phone or by looking at a picture.
  • A yellow dye is apparent in many of the photos. This is applied by Dr. Oestreicher before he examines a patient. It disappears shortly thereafter and has nothing to do with the procedure.

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