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How "Flying Hospital" raises the level of  eye care around the world

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Orbis is an eye care training organization best known for creating The Flying Eye Hospital, the world’s first and only airborne ophthalmic teaching hospital, custom built in a refitted MD-10. The plane consists of a 46-seat classroom, a sterilization room, an operating room, a laser treatment room, a biomedical work area and a post-operative care and recovery room.

Every part of the plane is covered by 3D broadcast technology that can transmit live surgeries, lectures and treatments around the world. The airflow, temperature and humidity on board are all regulated according to hospital standards. 

The plane carries a crew of 23 individuals from many different countries, reflecting the global nature of the Orbis program. Onboard is one anesthetist, one anesthetic nurse, five ophthalmologists, including Dr. James Oestreicher, six nurses, two biomedical engineers, two flight mechanics, four administrative staff, and two audio-visual experts.

Since 1982, Orbis has visited 92 countries to:

  • provide free eye care
  • train doctors
  • raise awareness of blindness
  • bring local governments and global organizations, major donors and everyday people together in the global fight to end blindness.

Orbis also holds week-long training courses in partner hospitals around the world. These take place throughout the year, each focusing on a specific need identified in collaboration with the partner hospital. Dr. Oestreicher took part in two of these Hospital Based Programs, one in Vietnam in 2004 and one in Tanzania in 2007.

In 2003, Orbis extended its global reach by launching Cybersight, an innovative, telehealth digital platform that can be used anywhere in the world on any smart phone (including northern Canada). Since 2003, Cybersight has enabled more than 16,000 patient consults, 26,000 online courses, in 129 countries. Equal part library, school and remote-medicine service, it’s open to doctors around the world for research, training and consultations.

For more information or to support Orbis Canada please contact 416.413.9730 or www.orbis.org.

"My eyes now have the very natural, almond shape that Iíve always dreamed about"

I just had eye surgery done by Dr. James H. Oestreicher, with excellent results. my eyes now have the very natural, almond shape that I've always dreamed about. Thanks a million Dr. Oestreicher and your whole excellent medical team!

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