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Upper and lower eyelid cosmetic and non cosmetic eyelid surgery and eyelid lift surgery, Toronto, Canada
You can learn a lot about Dr. Oestreicher's professional reputation and expertise by
reading the comments of individuals who
have written him to request surgical and non surgical eyelid procedures.

Virtually every day of the week, people of all ages across Canada (and elsewhere) tell Dr. Oestreicher about their issues and what they hope to achieve with his help.

The services requested include cosmetic eyelid surgery, corrective eyelid and facial surgery non-surgical treatments of the eyes and face, and eye and eyelid reconstruction. Chances are you need something similar and we hope that makes you more confident and comfortable with your decision to seek Dr. Oestreicher's assistance. Moreover, if you have had an unsatisfactory experience with another provider, we want you to know that many of our inquiries come from individuals who hope they can get a better result from Dr. Oestreicher.

Below are excerpts from just a few of the inquiries Dr. Oestreicher has received over the past few months. All are real, but the name of the writer has been omitted to protect that individual's privacy.

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Cosmetic eyelid surgery

"Nothing seems to work"

“Hello, I am a 40-year-old woman with bags under my eyes.  I have tried many kinds of creams and non surgical treatments, but nothing seems to work. My mom has them as well, so I believe I am predisposed.” 

“Upper eyelid surgery”

"I would like to set up a consultation for upper eyelid surgery.  I had lower eyelid surgery done over 10 years ago and also want to explore the possibility of revisions there.” 

“I have had lower eyelid bags my whole life”

“I am interested in a consultation for lower eyelid surgery and possibly skin resurfacing.  I have had lower eyelid bags my whole life.  They are becoming more pronounced with age.  I have also tried Botox in the summer of 2013.  I am a young professional and very active and very troubled that my appearance makes we looked tired and run down all the time.”

“Tired of the bags under my eyes”

“I’m very interested in coming in for a consultation in regards to my lower eyelids.  I’m tired of the bags under my eyes, no matter how much sleep I get.  My parents have it as well, so it’s one of the things that unfortunately has been passed on down to me.   I’ve been researching Blepharoplasty for about a year now, specifically laser Blepharoplasty, since it seems to be far less invasive.”

Corrective cosmetic eyelid surgery

“I do not look like me anymore”

“I had lower eyelid surgery done elsewhere about five years ago. As time went on, the left eye has pulled down more and both eyes droop at the outside half.  My eyes are no longer attractive, and I do not look like me anymore.”

“I would like to have a second opinion”

“Last year I had upper eyelids done and after three week I started to have tearing. I have seen a couple of doctors and I have had many eye drops. The last doctor I saw felt I had one lid that was not closing properly. I would like to have a second opinion. If surgery is required, then I want the best surgeon I can find.” 

“Wrinkles and darkness under my eyes”

“I am looking for a consultation primarily about extreme wrinkles and darkness under my eyes. My upper eyes may need help as well. I am 57 years old.”

“Droopy right eye”

“My right eye has always looked "droopy". It is not horrible, but I do not like it. I am not sure which eye lid would need to be fixed, lower or upper. It looks smaller than my left eye. I would like to have it fixed."

“Under eye bagginess”

“I am a 29-year-old African male with hereditary under eye bagginess. I have no chronic illnesses and am not on any medications. I'm looking to have a consultation to explore the best options to correct my inherent lower eye-lid bagginess.” 

“My eyes age me”

“I have done some research on laser resurfacing procedures and eyelid surgery, however I feel a consultation with you would be very helpful. I am 48 and am finding that my eyes age me. They appear very tired looking.”

“puffiness and darkness under my eyes”

“I would like to address puffiness and darkness under my eyes. I would like to know my options. I am a 32-year-old female."

Non-surgical, cosmetic eye treatment

“Hollowness under my eyes”

“I have hollowness under my eyes and would like to know if there are fillers that can correct it.” 

“Eyelash growth products”

“I live in NYC and am interested in eyelash growth products. Please contact me.” 

Cosmetic face treatment

“Lines on forehead”

“I have fair skin and would like the lines under my eyes resurfaced. Lines on forehead are becoming more apparent as well. Essentially, would like to resurface whole face.”

“Never had it before”

“I am looking to get fillers under my eyes and cheeks and maybe Botox. I have never had it before and I am looking to start age prevention. I am a 28-year-old female.”

Asian double eyelid surgery

"One eye looks droopy"

“I am Asian and have a double lid, but one lid is smaller and it makes one eye look droopy. I am interested in just having the one eye operated on so that it matches my other eyelid.” 

“Interested in double eyelid surgery”

“Hi, I am a 22 year-old and am interested in the double eyelid surgery procedure. I usually have double eyelids on both eyes, but recently my right eye has been giving me problems. I'm hoping to have this corrected.”

“not symmetrical”

“I would like to create a crease for my right eye to match my left eye as they are not symmetrical. I would also like to remove under eye bags.”

Corrective eye surgery

“eyes causing many problems”

“I am looking to have eyelid revision surgery. I had upper eyelid surgery one year ago. The scar is contracting on my eyes causing many problems. The scar crease is placed awkwardly high and then tight around the outer corners.”

“Vision impairing Ptosis”

“I have vision impairing Ptosis in my right eye that has caused weakening of the muscles on the right side of my face over the years. I had some corrective surgery when I was 5 years old at Sick Kids Hospital and I am now 35. I'm looking to finally nip this in the butt!”

“two surgeries and nothing has worked”

“I am inquiring about having reconstructive surgery on my left eye. I've had Ptosis on my eye and had two surgeries to try and fix it, but nothing has worked! I was just wondering if I can have a second opinion or what to do with this situation.”

“My eyelid just drops”

“I have a condition where my eye lids just drop all of a sudden without warning, causing momentary loss of control of my eye sight. If you can help me in any way (surgery or otherwise), please let me know.”

“eye socket problems”

“I am having a lot of problems with my prosthetic eye being irritated and it is now causing eye socket problems due to the sleeve. I need the sleeve removed to alleviate the irritation and help heal my eye socket.”

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