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“Very grateful for the experience of working
with Dr. Oestreicher”

My hands-on training experience in the Orbis Program Training with Dr. Oestreicher was very meaningful. As a young oculoplastic surgeon, I was a little worried at the beginning about working with someone who has a very wide experience, but Dr. Oestriecher is a patient and didactic teacher, and a wonderful and kind person.

I have to say that my one week training with Dr. Oestreicher really made a difference in my actual practice and improved my surgical technique in many procedures. He shared with me his experience in difficult cases, but also gave me a lot of useful tips for every day cases. I hope we can keep in touch through the Orbis web page for further learning and guidance. I am very grateful for the experience of working with Dr. Oestreicher.

Yael Chavez, Panama City, Panama

"Thanks for helping me get back to where I used to be"

The staff at Dr. Oestreicher's office are also very wonderful and supportive. Now, I look in the mirror and I see a much younger face rather than a tired one that made me feel old before my time. Thanks Dr.O. for helping me get back to where I used to be. I am really loving it.

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