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An unmatched track record of success by a leading Oculoplastic Surgeon certified to perform cosmetic eyelid surgery, non-invasive eyelid treatments and reconstructive surgery

The following testimonials represent just a few examples of the positive feedback Dr. Oestreicher has received from the more than 20,000 patients he has treated since 1990.    They are reproduced here with no editing of any kind.

“Elated...with the results”

It's been a year since my lower lid surgery and I just wanted to let Dr. O know how elated I am with the results. I couldn't have predicted, nor asked for, a better outcome!

“My eyes are now beautiful”

My eyelids, top and bottom had been operated on by someone else and the results were very bad. One eye was more open than the other and in addition the less open one drooped. Dr Oestreicher assured me that he was able to do a perfect correction. I had heard that he was the champion in Toronto and had full trust in him. My eyes are now beautiful. I highly recommend his services.

“Thanks for helping me get back to where
I used to be”

My eyes were looking older and tired so I consulted with Dr. Oestreicher because my good friend loves the work that he had had done by him. I was a little scared to have my eyes done and I was worried about the risks, although I did not know much about it and how easy it turned out to be. I wanted to do something to feel better about myself.

During my consult appointment with Dr. Oestreicher, he was so friendly and knowledgeable. He was also very patient with my endless questions. He intently listened to me for what I really wanted. I immediately knew that he would be MY surgeon and he agreed that the procedure would also definitely improve my appearance.

The staff at Dr. Oestreicher's office are also very wonderful and supportive. Now, I look in the mirror and I see a much younger face rather than a tired one that made me feel old before my time. Thanks Dr.O. for helping me get back to where I used to be. I am really loving it. 

“I love the way I look now”

He's a great doctor… really is. I have had two procedures by Dr Oestreicher. The first one was an OPS which I had done a year ago with excellent results. Next were my eyelids which always bugged me as I was beginning to show my age. Great staff, nurses; the entire process was pleasant and PAIN-LESS!

I may have lucked out there, but truly my recovery period from both operations was minimal and virtually pain free for me. I love the way I look now and my friends all say I look "rested" too and say I look better while not being able to pinpoint the reason. Dr. Oestreicher is my go-to doctor all the way! I also highly recommend him for your surgery.

“I was always reassured by his quiet, knowledgeable and caring demeanour”

It is wonderful to get compliments again about my eyes. My brother told me my eyes just sparkle and my husband is absolutely thrilled. And the best part is that I don't look different, I just look like I did when I was much younger. It's like Dr. Oestreicher turned back the clock.

I should also mention that I was a little nervous at first about the idea of having any kind of surgery done near my eyes.  But from the moment I met Dr. Oestreicher I was put completely at ease and knew immediately that he was the doctor for me.  He showed patience whenever I had questions and I was always reassured by his quiet, knowledgeable and caring demeanour.  Thanks for a wonderful experience, Dr. O.

“Lived up to my highest expectations”

I needed blepharoplasty surgery, opting for using the CO2 laser so I set about to find the right surgeon. Dr. Oestreicher was a true find especially since he's the one who pioneered transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty in Canada, along with the CO2 laser. I went with my gut instinct and was right. 

Dr. Oestreicher lived up to my highest expectations -in my case he most certainly achieved the results I wanted. As for the staff, they'll make you feel very welcome. They seem to understand intuitively how difficult it can be for patients to face surgery, and they responded accordingly.  I was a particularly difficult case requiring intensive follow-up and extraordinary patience which I also received. 

Choose Dr. Oestreicher and you'll be very pleased. I know it, because I lived it. If you're looking for a REAL oculoplastic surgeon, then this is the man to call. Just sit down with him and you'll immediately understand what I am talking about.

“The most amazing results”

I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty by Dr. Oestreicher. I am so glad he was my surgeon. The most amazing results, I was over the moon. 

“My eyes now have the very natural, almond shape that I’ve always dreamed about”

I just had eye surgery done by Dr. James H. Oestreicher, with excellent results. I booked an appointment with Dr. Oestreicher who performed the Y-To-V medial epicanthoplasty techniques on me.  He also performed lateral canthoplasty on me to correct all of the problems caused by my previous plastic surgeon.

The result of the decreased epicanthal fold was very natural with no noticeable scarring.  He had also released the underlying musculature from the epicanthal fold which got rid of the angry/sad, artificial high crease look. The canthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty not only got rid of the old lump, it tightened the skin around the eye area to give me a very refreshed look.

My lower eyelids now also look very natural. In short, my eyes now have the very natural, almond shape that I've always dreamed about. Thanks a million Dr. Oestreicher and your whole excellent medical team! 

“It really does take years off your appearance”

I had the bags under my eyes removed. I also had CO2 laser to smooth wrinkles. It really does take years off your appearance. I was very happy with the outcome and have had lots of positive comments ever since.

After surgery, you look pretty beat up but I could go back to work in 2 weeks. The laser treatment takes quite a while to settle - up to six months, but it looks really good now too. I felt Dr. Oestreicher did a great job and I would recommend him for this type of surgery. 

“The problem with my eye is solved”

When I was first referred to Dr. Oestreicher I had my doubts that he could help me with a problem I have had since childhood because I have had many doctors who said that they could not correct the problem (I am now in my fifties), but Dr. Oestreicher did as promised.

The problem with my eye is solved. He was just great, there was no problem if I needed an urgent follow up appointment. His staff were just great, friendly and efficient.

"The most amazing results"

I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty by Dr. Oestreicher. I am so glad he was my surgeon. The most amazing results, I was over the moon.

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